Just before and after Christmas, our 1st ESO students visited the airport in order to record some interviews to the hundreds of visitors that arrive at the El Prat airport to enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona.
Many of them were coming from a lot of countries around the world: France, Italy, Morrocco, Canada, Romania, USA, The Philippines, among others. Once again, English was our global language of communication. “Where are you from?”, “What is a typical Christmas dish from your country?”, “Why did you come to Barcelona?” or “What are your plans here?” were a few examples of the different questions that our students asked to the tourists.
Despite the fact that some tourists had just landed from a long flight and some were in a hurry, they were willing to answer the questions. At the end they looked happy with that first anecdote on Catalan land. Some of our students were amazing reporters, others just enthusiastic about the visit, but all of them did their best and they ended the school trip really satisfied with the job done. Congratulations!