In 3rd of ESO we have devoted our weekly project hour to do a newspaper with the facts that happened in 2004, the year these students were born. The name of the newspaper is The world in 2004.
We grouped students in fours and each group had to choose a piece of news from a different part of the world.
We learnt journalism vocabulary, the writing structure of a piece of news, how to make it fit in the layout and then we decided the design of the newspaper.
We also worked with many concepts of journalism such as the relationship with the page of the paper and the importance of the fact and how we are given the information by the media.
Obviously, all of them could know how the world was when they were born.
Every student received by mail the February issue in order not to waste paper.
There is going to be a follow up activity which is a Festival of Trailers that we will advertise in the following pages of the newspaper that are still not created.