Language, art, life and culture in London. An interdisciplinary work of our English and Art Departments in order to make this experience unforgettable.

For the third year running, our 1st Batxillerat students are getting ready for their visit to the International City of London, which will take place right before The Easter holidays. They are looking forward to experiencing the life and culture of the UK’s multicultural capital city as well as putting into practice their language skills in order to communicate with locals. 

The aim of this project is to get to know the English culture and to practice the language, hence its name LONDON EXPERIENCE. It started in 2017-18 school year with great success,  after a ten-year experience of our high school in European  exchanges.

 “London experience”  convers visits to some of the most relevant museums in the city, as the British Museum

 “London experience”  convers visits to some of the most relevant museums in the city, as the British Museum, the  National Gallery, the Tate Modern , where our students will enjoy some of the world greatest art masterpieces, from the time of its origins through to the most modern and contemporary ones. Our English and Art departments  collaborate with each other and prepare visits in an interdisciplinary way.

The trip includes also a tour through some of the main and emblematic highlights of the British capital (Trafalgar Square, House of Parliament and the Big Ben, Embankment, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Convent Garden, the London Tower, Shakespeare’s Globe and St Paul’s Cathedral). Students have also the chance to discover the secrets of districts such as Chinatown, in Soho, or Convent Garden and to take a walk along the River Thames.

On the occasion of London experience 2018, they were able to enjoy two of the West End top musicals: Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre and 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

A walk around the West End, London theatreland ( London experience 2018)

An intense and unforgettable experience, with Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre (London experience 2018)

During London experience 2019,  they enjoyed a comic contemporary version of the classical play Tartuffe by Molière at the Royal National Theatre.

Students of this year’s edition will have the opportunity to enjoy the musical show MAMMA MIA! at Novello Theater!  A unique opportunity,… there is no doubt!  

Enguany, celebrem una edició més del nostre projecte LONDON EXPERIENCE, per viure la vida, l’art i la cultura londinenca, mentre millorem l’assoliment competencial de la llengua anglesa. Un projecte transversal i interdisciplinari, a càrrec del nostre professorat de Llengües Estrangeres i del Batxillerat Artístic, que, en les darreres edicions, ha permès l’alumnat d’assistir a musicals londinencs de l’emblemàtic West End, com Dream Girls en el Savoy Theatre o 42nd Street en el Theatre Royal Drury Lane, així com a obres teatrals, com el gran clàssic reversionat Tartuffe de Molière en el Royal National Theatre. En aquesta nova edició els espera l’impactant musical Mamma Mia! al Novello Theater!